Computer Help, Inc. brings more that 16 years of expert diagnostic and repair experience directly to you.

We quickly identify and repair all levels to technological issues for PCs (laptops & desktops), Mac’s (iMacs & Mac Books) and peripherals. This includes; printers, scanners, faxes, copiers (including All-In-Ones), web cams, monitors, external storage devices (flash drives, hard drives, cloud devices), projectors, plotters, keyboards, mice, Bluetooth devices, microphones, digital mixers, midi devices, media card readers and a whole lot more…

  • Crashed Computer
  • Repair or replace broken components
  • Freezing/Locking up
  • Replace failed power supply
  • Software Errors
  • Broken laptop LCD screens
  • WiFi (wireless) not working
  • No Internet
  • Wireless printer not working
  • And lots more!

Unfortunately there’s no room to list everything we do! Just because it’s on the list doesn’t mean we don’t perform your service or repair. Feel free to either call or send us an e-mail. (Insert Contact Us page here). We are happy to advise you on the best plan of action.