This Parkland-based repair and training specialist want to help you spend less for common errors

We as a people can come to rely on the newest advancements so fast, we don’t realize it’s happening. Suddenly you have problems with work, streaming, social media and more, and you realize it is because your tablet is malfunctioning. Now, you never had a tablet previously in your life, but once it is broken you have no idea what you are going to do. The first thing Computer Help, Inc. would recommend is bringing it in to have a professional look at it, because ignoring the problem is only going to make it worse.

Keep in mind, most damage is repairable and affordable, when you contact us at Computer Help. Inc. The following represents the most common tablet issues and how you can stop them from being more costly and getting much worse.

A Small Crack is Just the Beginning

Ok, so you dropped your tablet. And there’s a small crack in the corner. It’s still good, right? Right, but that doesn’t mean you should just leave it as is. The longer you wait to have the screen repaired, the more extensively it is going to crack and eventually break. At some point, it will become unresponsive to touch, which renders it effectively useless. What a lot of people don’t realize is that cracked screens are relatively simple to repair or replace. If you call Computer Help, Inc. in Broward right away, we are far more likely to ensure your tablet has a complete recovery.

Did it Get Damp or was it a Soaking?

Your tablet may be water-resistant, but that does not translate to the cat knocking it off your sink and into the toilet and everything is just fine. Water damage is a time-sensitive problem in that the longer the tablet soaks, the more damage it will have both internal and external. Sinks, lakes, tubs, or the ocean, it does not matter where and when your phone was unexpectedly submerged. The most important thing is bringing it to a professional tablet repair shop as soon as you possibly can.

A Salty Battery

A broken battery is not inconvenient simply because it means your tablet will not hold a charge or it gets alarmingly hot when you use it. A broken battery can rupture, leaking chemicals both into your device and from it. When there are any signs of a battery having issues, you should consider taking it to an expert to determine if the problem is simply a battery replacement or if it is something more fundamental to the tablet. By and large, broken batteries are easy to detect and not difficult for a technician to replace.

Unable to “Go Home?”

Older iPads often have an issue with a stuck, missing, or otherwise not functioning home button. Be sure to thoroughly clean the area on and around the home button, as it can be an issue of dirt or dust stuck in the button. If it still doesn’t work, call Computer Help, Inc., from West Palm Beach to Hollywood, for a quick and affordable replacement. Believe it or not, iPad repair does not have to break anyone’s bank account. Don’t take our word for it…give us a call.

Lights, Camera…oh

Admittedly, very often, when you are having an issue with the camera on your tablet, turning the power on and off CAN do the trick. But after you have gone that route several times, and your pics are still coming out all blurry or your camera just fails to start? That is when you will want to let the professionals at Computer Help, Inc., have a look. When the problem is that basic, taking it to the experts can be the most efficient solution.

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