Imagine you’re sitting in front of your computer, finishing an important essay that’s due tomorrow. Then suddenly, your cursor stops blinking, words no longer appear across your document, and no matter how aggressively you move your mouse, you can’t seem to find it. 

Your laptop has frozen. 

When people say that their laptop has frozen or locked up, this generally means that it’s no longer responding to the user’s actions. We have done a lot of computer diagnostics in Pompano Beach and Broward County, and from experience, when this occurs, your laptop probably isn’t broken. 

The processor may be overloaded or it’s taking extra time to process a complex task. Whatever the case, you can probably resolve it at home.  

We’ve all been there before, and if you’d like to know the most common reasons why your laptop freezes and how to troubleshoot it yourself, read on. If you run into a problem you can’t solve, don’t panic. Just contact Computer Help Express for our computer repair Pompano Beach services.  

Too Many Open Programs

This is one problem you can easily identify and solve on your own. Your laptop/computer utilizes a lot of RAM and processing power to keep each program running. If you have multiple programs open at once, your laptop may not have the memory or power to support them all. As a result, one of the programs may no longer respond, which can then freeze the computer. 

When this happens, right-click “task manager,” locate the unresponsive program and click “end task” to close it. 

To avoid this frustration in the future, only have a few programs open simultaneously.  


When you’re using your laptop, does it sometimes feel too warm? Or do you hear the fan seemingly running faster than normal?

Overheating is a common problem that results in computer freezes. There are many reasons for the laptop/computer to overheat, but the most common is dust buildup on the fan. You can prevent this by keeping your computer properly vented. Overheating can cause additional damage to the computer processing unit (CPU), which is unable to withstand high temperatures for very long, so it’s important to prevent overheating before costly damages ensue. 

Other ways to keep your computer from overheating are to install a program to monitor the temperature at idle and load or use a computer casing to regulate the temperature.  

Device Driver Failure

Driver failure is another common cause of computer freezes. The driver is software that allows the operating system and other devices to communicate with each other and is continuously used by the computer system. 

If your computer isn’t overheating and you aren’t running many programs simultaneously, but your computer is still freezing, device failure may be the cause. If the drivers are missing, corrupted, or outdated, you’re likely to experience a number of problems.  

A good way to prevent device driver failure is to update them with the most current version and always keep your drivers up to date. 

Computer Virus 

There are so many ways your computer can get infected by a virus. This usually happens after you’ve downloaded or connected to an infected file. If your computer frequently crashes (freezes), runs, or boots slowly, then you should consider installing antivirus software. 

If antivirus software already exists on your computer, then make sure it’s up to date. If you really want to prevent computer crashes caused by malicious software, purchase antivirus software that is designed specifically to treat computer freezes. 

Low RAM Usage 

Your computer’s memory (RAM) plays an important role in ensuring your computer runs smoothly. That’s why another common cause of computer freeze is insufficient RAM on the hard disk. This essentially means that your computer has run out of space. 

You can fix this problem by freeing up memory space by deleting unwanted files, or by reducing the resource consumption of the computer applications using the most resources. You can also upgrade your RAM for additional space. 

Contact Computer Help Express 

If you’ve done all the above and your computer continues to freeze, then you should contact a professional. At Computer Help Express, we offer professional and affordable computer repair in Pompano Beach and Broward County. 

Our team of computer repair technicians covers everything from computer set-up and repair to troubleshooting on Windows, Macs, and all smart devices. If you need help troubleshooting your computer problems, contact us today. 

For Fast, Efficient and Hassle-Free Computer Repair

Owning a computer today is extremely important for the success of most businesses and the education of our children, especially during the age of Covid-19. But computers are a machine, and like any machine you own, they can malfunction from time to time. For even an hour, let alone days, a glitch in your computer can be devastating for your business and for your children who need their virtual lessons to be successful in school. That’s why if you’re in Pompano Beach or anywhere in Broward County, you should immediately contact a trusted local computer repair service to help you fix the issue. At Computer Help, Inc., our computer techs are the best in the business. They are experienced in computer repair, setup, optimization, training, troubleshooting, data recovery, and more. We are laser-focused on addressing all of your computer issues with care utilizing our expert diagnosis and affordable repair services.

Why You Need an Experienced Computer Repair Service to Fix Your Computer Issues:

Time and money saved. Chances are you may have a friend who is excellent with computers, or you might even attempt to fix it yourself. But when your business is on the line, any computer repair is best left to a professional company that employs computer technicians who get the job done right for you the first time. Attempting to fix the problem yourself takes time and money away from your daily operations, which means losing wages for you and your employees.

You’re Inexperienced. How many times have you asked a family member or a neighbor to fix your computer problem? When you or your inexperienced friend attempt to fix a computer problem, you will fail more times than not. Why? Because most likely, you do not possess the years of computer training and years of schooling that a professional computer tech has. The licensed computer techs at Computer Help, Inc. will ensure that your computer issue is resolved and that its performance is maximized.

Prevent further damage. Attempting to fix your computer malfunction on your own will only serve to make things worse if you don’t have the necessary skill set to resolve the issue. A friend or relative may also accidentally cause irreparable damage, and that’s a chance you should not take. A licensed computer tech can diagnose and repair your issues and even prevent other problems from occurring in the future. They can also tell you if it’s time to update your software and explain how vital computer maintenance can be to extend your computer’s life. 

When Time is Of the Essence Call Us

In addition to computer repair and diagnosis, the computer techs at Computer Help, Inc. specialize in software repair, hardware repair, virus clean up and protection, and updating and optimizing your computer system. We know you have many options when it comes to computer repair. That’s why we want to earn your continued business by providing the best possible services and guarantees. For your peace of mind and for your business’ continued success in this unprecedented time in our history, hiring a computer repair professional who will get the job done right the first time is a smart move. No job is too big or too small for us with services that encompass computer-related repair and diagnostics for Windows, Macs, iPods, iPhones, tablets, and all Android products. Contact us at (954) 227-5804 for the most professional and affordable computer repair and computer maintenance services available in Pompano Beach and throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

This Parkland-based repair and training specialist want to help you spend less for common errors

We as a people can come to rely on the newest advancements so fast, we don’t realize it’s happening. Suddenly you have problems with work, streaming, social media and more, and you realize it is because your tablet is malfunctioning. Now, you never had a tablet previously in your life, but once it is broken you have no idea what you are going to do. The first thing Computer Help, Inc. would recommend is bringing it in to have a professional look at it, because ignoring the problem is only going to make it worse.

Keep in mind, most damage is repairable and affordable, when you contact us at Computer Help. Inc. The following represents the most common tablet issues and how you can stop them from being more costly and getting much worse.

A Small Crack is Just the Beginning

Ok, so you dropped your tablet. And there’s a small crack in the corner. It’s still good, right? Right, but that doesn’t mean you should just leave it as is. The longer you wait to have the screen repaired, the more extensively it is going to crack and eventually break. At some point, it will become unresponsive to touch, which renders it effectively useless. What a lot of people don’t realize is that cracked screens are relatively simple to repair or replace. If you call Computer Help, Inc. in Broward right away, we are far more likely to ensure your tablet has a complete recovery.

Did it Get Damp or was it a Soaking?

Your tablet may be water-resistant, but that does not translate to the cat knocking it off your sink and into the toilet and everything is just fine. Water damage is a time-sensitive problem in that the longer the tablet soaks, the more damage it will have both internal and external. Sinks, lakes, tubs, or the ocean, it does not matter where and when your phone was unexpectedly submerged. The most important thing is bringing it to a professional tablet repair shop as soon as you possibly can.

A Salty Battery

A broken battery is not inconvenient simply because it means your tablet will not hold a charge or it gets alarmingly hot when you use it. A broken battery can rupture, leaking chemicals both into your device and from it. When there are any signs of a battery having issues, you should consider taking it to an expert to determine if the problem is simply a battery replacement or if it is something more fundamental to the tablet. By and large, broken batteries are easy to detect and not difficult for a technician to replace.

Unable to “Go Home?”

Older iPads often have an issue with a stuck, missing, or otherwise not functioning home button. Be sure to thoroughly clean the area on and around the home button, as it can be an issue of dirt or dust stuck in the button. If it still doesn’t work, call Computer Help, Inc., from West Palm Beach to Hollywood, for a quick and affordable replacement. Believe it or not, iPad repair does not have to break anyone’s bank account. Don’t take our word for it…give us a call.

Lights, Camera…oh

Admittedly, very often, when you are having an issue with the camera on your tablet, turning the power on and off CAN do the trick. But after you have gone that route several times, and your pics are still coming out all blurry or your camera just fails to start? That is when you will want to let the professionals at Computer Help, Inc., have a look. When the problem is that basic, taking it to the experts can be the most efficient solution.

From Lake Worth to Oakland Park, Weston to Miramar, and everywhere through South Florida, Computer Help, Inc. is here to…well, help! We offer computer repair and IT support services for any and all types of hardware and software, and we are only a phone call away! Call 954.227-5804 for help with your Windows, Mac, tablet, iPad, iPhone, or Android issues, and find out why we take pride in helping both individuals and businesses when they need it the most.

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